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Come Chill Out with Frozen ParadICE - Where Every Bites a Delight!

Established in 2022, Frozen ParadICE began as a mobile Shaved Ice Company, serving the finest quality treats in Lenawee. Now, with our Brick and Mortar store, that's like stepping into a tropical paradise, we're thrilled to offer our loyal customers daily access to our delicious shaved ice and an array of other frozen delights and tasty food like nachos. Plus, with our mobile trailer, we offer catering options for your events!

Ice Cream Frozen ParadICE


Shaved Ice Frozen ParadICE


Bobo Frozen ParadICE


Nachos Frozen ParadICE




From the Owner's

Amber and I (Brandon) started Frozen ParadICE in 2022. Amber had decided to leave her job as an Office Manager in late 2021 and we had same changes to our family (we were blessed with the opportunity to care for our niece) After just a few short months of not being employed Amber didn’t feel like she was contributing enough to the family financially and wanted to do something different, even though being a full time mom to 3 was more than enough contribution. We started talking about different business ideas trying to find something that would be fun to do and also include our family while doing it. That’s when we decide on a Shaved Ice business. We traveled out to Arizona to learn and get an understanding of the business in early 2022. After coming back home from our trip out to Arizona we knew it was something we wanted to do. Our next step was to find a trailer to work out of. We designed what we wanted and myself and my two daughters, (Haley and Briana) took a road trip to Willachooche, GA and picked up the trailer and drove it back home. We left on a Sunday and returned in the early hours of Tuesday morning, what an adventure that was! After a successful first season and continuous asks if we were going to ever open a storefront, the perfect opportunity presented itself in Blissfield the community we live in and love.


We currently are open 7 days a week. We have a small food menu with the ability to have lunch outside in the warmer months or inside dining during the not so warm months. We have Hot Dogs, Chili Dogs, BBQ Beef sandwiches, Nachos and Cheese, and Soft Pretzels and Cheese.

We try and travel within about 1 hour radius of Blissfield for events or bookings though we did partake in Frankenmuths Famous Funtown Chowdown after being in business for just 3 days, that was quit the adventure, we had no clue what we were getting into other than it was a large event. There were over 7k people in attendance and we Shaved over 50 blocks of ice that day! We have even done events for dogs birthdays! No event is to big or too small for us to be at.


We have over 30 flavors and 40 concoctions of Shaved Ice.


We have soft serve ice cream with 12 hand dipped ice cream flavors as well, all of our hand dipped ice cream will come from local Michigan Creameries and is super premium higher than 15% butterfat. We will be changing flavors through the season keeping some of our best sellers always in stock. So far, Yellow Cake Batter, SuperCow, Cookie Monster, and Sea Monster seem to be favorites.


We have included our families personal touches (surfboard tables and window seating from our dad and used local businesses to brighten the interior and exterior of the building. Stop by and enjoy a refreshing shaved ice or your favorite frozen treat and enjoy some tropical music while sitting inside or out. We look forward to serving the community and appreciate everyone’s support.


Thank you,

Brandon and Amber

Frozen ParadICE


Went there for the first time today and I love the new owners and decor! How unique and fresh to our community. You can tell that they put so much time and effort into their establishment, from the spray painted palm trees, to the surf board tables! My step son had their orange shaved ice and loves it, my husband got the cookie monster hand scooped ice cream and raved over the cookie bits being the perfect texture. I myself got their candybar and scooped ice cream and it was perfect! It tastes home made and like they care about their business. I would definitely pip in for the wonderfully nice staff and yummy treats! Can't wait to stop by again!

Leticia M.

We are hooked on the shaved ice, the flavors are awesome and it's the most refreshing dessert around! We will return often!!! Blissfield is such a beautiful little town!!!

Tami G.

I got the pink flamingo and it was AMAZING. The blue rasberry was also really good and I would definitely recommend coming here.

Sophie G.

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